Chronicles of a Migraneur


October 16th of last year was a decisive date for me. A day filled with tears and hope. Apprehension and expectation.

For the previous five months my pain was stubborn, ever present, and unmitigated by all different combination of potent drugs. It forced me to seek refuge in my dark bedroom, absent from life’s sounds and colors.

On the appointed date, I sat down at my neurologist office, and turned my face away from the neatly stacked row of small syringes. The doc assured me that it would be over very quickly. I just wanted to be done with it. I have had life full of medical procedures that involve way too many needles. I am saturated of all the pricking and prodding.

First, it was my neck, then my temples, followed by area around my eyes. Twenty two injections in all. The ones in the temples and neck hurt the most. I felt a wave of pain that ran all the way down to my feet. I clenched my daughter’s hand and felt the salty tears running down my cheeks. Stoically, I did not move, did not utter a sound. And just as quick as it came it went away. Good riddance! Doctor was right , it was over.
I am glad to report that I did not suffer from any secondary side effects, no allergies, no painful injection sites, no droopy eyes, no need for the pirate costume. However, the first seventy two hours after the procedure, hell broke loose. My skull was split in half. I was convinced that it has been all in vain.
A little voice inside me told me NOT to lose hope. In spite of the evidence, I kept recording every new migraine episode in my journal. As the days passed by, the frequency of the attacks diminished . A month and a half later, they were spread far apart. By the second month mark it was evident that the toxin was hard at work. And finally, came the time when the attacks went down from daily occurrence to as little as three or four per month. Sweet!
Was it worth it? You bet. Would I do it again if need arises? In a heartbeat? Painful? Yes, but swift and bearable, especially when the result is an astounding success. Besides, which woman would not love to display perfectly arched eye brows, a less noticeable fine lines – courtesy of an intruding crow and its feet – plus an overall youthful appearance and an exuberant confidence as an added extra bonus?
Do I recommend Botox injections for chronic migraneurs non responding to conventional treatments? Wholeheartedly. Here is the name of my neurologist, Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg from Hollywood, Florida. And no, I am not being paid to advertise his services. I am just very glad to report that my “special diet” coupled with Botox migraine treatments have finally put my odious migraines where they belong, far away from my life.




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