Baker Act: A horrific, true story

Excerpt from Back in the Swirl

As deplorable as discrimination and taboos that surround major chronic depression are, the following case is a poignant example of why most mental patients are very secretive about admitting the malady they suffer from…
When I informed Pam, a very dear friend, that I intended to write a book about depression she asked me for a special favor
“Please, I beg you to tell my story to your readers. If I can save another victim from a recurrence of what I lived through, I will consider justice properly served.”

…By sharing Pam’s story I seek to vindicate her, her family and all depressed patients who have been degraded at some point in their lives because of their condition. To add insult to injury, depression facilitated Pam’s husband to further victimize his wife on account of her condition.
Pam’s depression was the perfect scapegoat for her abusive husband to add Pam to the long list of textbook domestic abuse cases.
The Baker Act, enacted to protect mental patients was ironically twisted around in an unprecedented series of events to further victimize my friend and her children.
….A true horrific incident that should have never occurred in the first place and that certainly must never be repeated…


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